Lynx Online

While we can't play on the pitch, we can still play at home - check out Lynx Online - there's something for Everyone.

#stayactive #lovehockey

Lynx Online is not currently running, as we are back on the pitch! This page will be updated soon.








In order to allow and encourage our Lynx members to remain active through our various Lockdowns our fabulous coaches and ambassadors are running a whole series of online sessions. These are run LIVE sessions over Zoom, starting at your usual training time, and last for around 30 minutes. We plan to record the sessions too and upload them here, so that our members can re-visit them, and polish up those skills again and again. What's not to like?!!! NOTHING, JUST NOTHING, STOPS SPENCER LYNX. GO LYNX!

And for extra skills tuition & practice - Here's Rhys


Spencer Lynx is a registered charity reliant on grant-funding and donations. These online sessions were designed specifically for our Lynx members, but we are happy for them to be used by anyone that might find them useful or simply fun. If you did have fun, do think about supporting us, using the big red button below. Thank You!